Biometric Recognition

Face Analysis

Face understanding based on multimodal data, including important attribute classification and synthesis, such as identity, gender, race, and expression.

Gait Recognition

Analysis of identity, gender, and age through analysing the gait.

Video Analysis

Sports video analysis

Highlight summary, data statistics, and playing tactics analysis based on tracking athletes, balls, and other targets.

Surveillance Video Analysis

Detection, tracking, and identification of major targets such as people and vehicles; analyzing the actions, behaviors, and related events of the target.

Remote Sensing Image Analysis

Image Fusion

Merging multi-source remote sensing data to generate the fusion images.

Object Detection

Detecting specific objects such as building from high-resolution remote sensing images.

Change Detection

Detecting changed regions from multi-temporal high-resolution remote sensing imagery data.

Affective Computing

Facial Expression Recognition

Detect and classify the expression in facial images automatically.

Multi-modal Affective State Modeling

Through analyzing signals in multiple modalities, including audio, video and text, human emotion states are modeled more accurately and understood more deeply.